Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One Wednesday:

Jijo retorted suddenly. “No, If this is what they can do, let us not release the pullout this week”. Bureau chief Balachandar tried to dissuade him but the Executive editor was adamant. He stormed out from the desk without giving a glance at me. (Me- a man destined to maintain the weekly advertisement target in Rs.25000.)

I just recap the days incidents including Jijo’s one whilst sipping the chilled beer in the hut. It was an exclusive one. Suni was very eloquent then in his ‘association’ with the Pallava bar and its exclusive huts by the highway.

What’s brooding you? Realizing my absence in his speech, he posed the question in a fit of pique!

‘Nothing, I was just recounting the days 'woes’.

Bullshit! Shall I order another beer and a large?

To whom?

Beer for me and large for you!

I nodded.

After dropping him I rode my ebony ‘passion plus’ back home. It was 9.40 then. The full moon in the sky prompted me to divert the route. I turned to left from Thiruvallam Junction. Placid Vellayani Lake gracefully reflected the full moon. I stopped bike in the road sandwiched on the lake. Spiked drink began to make my head heavy than my body can hold! Honk of a car woken me up from the ‘mood’. Time was 10.30 pm then. I neither sport a watch nor a mobile. But it was 10.30 pm. My calculation will never fail!